Eat Liz - "Lose This Child"

I just wanted to share this new stop-motion music video from directors Yuval & Merav Nathan ("Her Morning Elegance"). I've had the pleasure of working with Yuval & Merav on more than one occasion and I am constantly amazed at how unique and sincere their work and approach to animation continues to be. This video is no exception and the fact that it was all animated in stop-motion on an actual beach with real sand is truly a testament to the ability and skill of all the animators involved including "jack of all trades" Guy Ben Shetrit who is also the guitarist/songwriter for this amazing band.

It's art like this, that successfully marries two different mediums together to create something completely new and original, that makes me wonderfully excited to see how much further the stop-motion medium has yet to be pushed and explored.

To see more of Yuval and Merav's work you can go here:


For more music by "Eat Liz" you can go here:




  1. That was beautiful. Simply beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  2. WHAAAA?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!!??!???!??!?!??!?!!?!?????????

    wow. that's some impressive use of beach sand! I'm curious how you had your space set up and how big your sculptures were. Also whether anything was added to the sand to hold it together...? i mean really, eel teeth? made of sand?

    so good!

  3. Hey Brian! I didn't actually get to work on this video, though I was able to talk to the director about his technique and how he was able to put it together. First he said that everything was shot on a public beach at night. He had to bring along a generator to power a few high power lights and set up a laptop with Dragon Stop-Motion installed to use as a frame grabber. For some of the more intricate creatures, like the eel, he did use a partially pre-sculpted head in combination with the natural sand just so that the form would be easier to animate. Other than that it was basic beach sand held together with water straight from the ocean. There's even a frame in the video if you can find it where he's walking towards the shore with a pail to get more water.

    Glad you liked it!