Commercials and Dinosaurs

Hi everyone. I've been pretty busy as of late directing various commercial projects and doing character animation for a few stop-motion shows. I'll bring you up to speed on the progress of The Hollow Boy in the next post but in the meantime I've included a commercial I directed with my Brother for the apparel company Hips and Hair. It was my first venture into live action so it was quite an adjustment to say the least. But fear not, the entire intro is animated along with a few other shots in this one and half minute epic. Hope you enjoy it as much as we had a fun making it.

And here's an episode from College Humor's "Dino Office" which I had the pleasure of animating on along with Ashley Arechiga and Pete Levin. Directed by Trisha Gum with puppets and sets by John Sumner and Emily Franz.

Until next time...